Top Toy Hauler RV Trailers with Prices

Toy trailers range from small to luxury versions. Today, many RV manufacturers are trying to make some version of a toy trailer.

Fifth wheel toy trailers offer more flexibility in your travel adventures. They feature a big opening at the rear for carrying ATVs and motorcycles. And depending on the options and upgrades, you should be ready to pay a little more than a travel trailer. Here is our pick of the top toy hauler RV trailers with prices.


Price $69,152

If you love spending your time outdoors, Heartland Torque 281 trailer can be a good fit. It features 16 feet and 4-inch of garage space. This means that you can easily haul your mountain bikes, kayaks, and ATVs. Other important specs are:

* Cargo carrying capacity – 4497 pounds

* Unloaded vehicle weight – 8255 pounds

* Width – 8’ 6”

* Length – 32’ 8 “

* Gray water – 57 gallons

* Freshwater – 98 gallons

Once you get inside, you’ll love the two-seat couch and an electric queen-size bed. In addition, there are two armchairs to ensure your comfort. The other features that make this trailer stand out are the 3-burner stove in the kitchen, 7-gallon propane tanks, and stove in the kitchen.


Price $46, 052

This trailer is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to push their adventure to the limits. It’s exceptionally lightweight and versatile for all your outdoor needs.

The No Boundaries 19.1 model offers storage for two kayaks, snowboards, and fishing equipment.

At first glance, you’ll notice the laminated walls to ensure the best insulation. It keeps you warm when it’s cold outside and colder when it’s warm outside. Being the outdoorsy version of the Forest River Trailers, this toy trailer has adaptable space. You can use it to carry kayaks, bikes, fishing equipment, etc. Apart from the adaptive storage, the No Boundaries 19.1 trailer offers other features like:

* Width – 7’ 4”

* Length – 24 1”

* Cargo carrying capacity – 3456 pounds

* Unloaded vehicle weight – 4264 pounds

* Blackwater – 30 gallons

* Gray water – 30 gallons

* Garage storage space – 10’ 6”

* U-shaped countertop

What makes this Forest River trailer great?

The no boundaries trailer has a separate storage compartment and can fit most toys like kayaks and ATVs. In addition, you get a full queen size bed, a sofa, a bathroom, and a full kitchen. It makes you feel at home while still on the road.


Price: 34,600

Jayco is a lightweight travel trailer that offers everything you need to explore outdoors. If you’re looking for a sleeping space of up to 6 people, the Octane super lite 222 is a sure bet. You also get a 7-feet ramp to aid in loading and unloading.

This toy trailer comes with an indoor and outdoor table, so it allows you to create a comfortable living for your family. You can use it to store everything you need – from a queen size bed to a microwave. So, no matter where you are, you can take advantage of the storage space.

The interior storage for this trailer is 11 feet – it also works as the living area and bedroom. Other features include:

* Length – 26’ 5”

* Width – 8’ 6”

* Blackwater – 45 gallons

* Unloaded vehicle weight – 5560 pounds

* Cargo carrying capacity – 2440 lb.


COst: $34,010

The Freedom Express is built on a simple principle – enrichment of your life.

Some of the highlights of the Freedom Express 271 BL toy trailer are:

* A private bedroom

* An indoor/outdoor table

* 10- feet garage

* Pass-through storage

* Radius shower

* Fold-down sofas

Despite the lightweight design, this toy trailer is powerful enough to tow the hefty equipment in your garage. Once you get inside, you’ll appreciate the ample storage space and the comfortable bed. There is plenty of space for those traveling as a couple or small family.

The kitchen area makes it easy to wash the dishes. Even better, there’s a pass-through storage bin at the front.


Price: 76,000

The G-Class toy trailer offers plenty of room, so you don’t have to sacrifice all the luxuries at home. It offers two queen-sized beds, a full kitchen, two euro chairs, and a separate bedroom. Also, it comes with a 30-gallon fuel tank to allow you to refuel your toys as you enjoy your time outdoors.

Next to the garage and bedroom, you will see two sliders that offer extra room. Inside, there’s plenty of space to store your necessities. You can use the overhead cabinets to keep your essentials. Best of all, this trailer has a grill and refrigerator area. If you want additional seating, you can use the free-standing recliner chairs.

The grand design is suitable for all-weather use. It comes with radiant foil insulation and fully laminated walls.


Toy trailers are suitable for folks looking for additional space to transport their ATVs, motorcycle, and recreational toys. If you’re looking for a toy trailer, you’re probably itching with excitement. However, before you make a worthwhile investment, you should consider a few factors.

What towing and carrying capacity do you want?

You should know what you want to carry in your trailer. To avoid any guesswork, you should understand how much the hauler weighs and the gross weight ratings.

Having too much weight can affect your RV on the road. You should figure out the weight distribution by putting it on the CAT scale.

Weight of toys and size

The average size of the hauler is 7.5 feet wide by 20 feet (length). Since toy haulers are designed to carry motorcycles, kayaks, golf carts, and ATVs, you should determine how much cargo you want to carry. Most national parks have limitations on the vehicles that get into the campsite. You must know the size to avoid any issues.

Sleeping space

If you’re planning to accommodate guests, you should ensure your trailer has enough space.

Where will you take the toys?

Will you be taking your kayaks and motorbikes outdoors? You want to load toys that make it easy to enjoy your adventure.

If you’re interested in a toy trailer, the above models are a worthwhile investment. You must pay attention to the construction, type, and features. Also, you should know your budget and how your RV will function.